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"In my struggle with fertility, I tried various approaches and treatments and by chance was referred to Sandy by my chiropractor, who insisted that Sandy worked differently from others and that she was a healer, not just somebody who put needles in you.  


Sandy told me about my constitutional pattern and how it weakened my body, therefore making it difficult to get pregnant.  She gave me herbs to accompany the various stages of treatment.  She also had me change my diet and eliminate some foods that were considered conventionally healthy, but were not appropriate for my situation. This was not easy, but ultimately, it led me to eat even better than I already was eating.  In nourishing my body with Sandy's help and taking care of myself physically by exercising regularly, doing meditation and receiving weekly chiropractic adjustments, I became healthier and stronger, than I ever was.  


At the same time I decided to try the last resort fertility treatment.  Sandy encouraged me to wait till my body was ready and helped me choose the time to undergo the treatment.  Skip two years - and now my baby is already one year old!  


I continued to see Sandy during my pregnancy religiously and afterwards for postpartum care.  My baby was born healthy and I believe that Sandy's care was very important in my ability to conceive....!" 

-name removed for privacy


"I have been going to acupuncture with Sandy Lee for a bit over a year. Her method of approaching my health concerns is so refreshing because I'm trying to accomplish a great deal without any medications or "western" style treatment. 

Each session leaves me stronger, and more grounded. She spends time before and after the session discussing the treatment and answering questions. I have come to learn a great deal and accomplish a lot, and it has been a comfortable transition. Sandy does not push you to move forward or pressure you in any way.


She is compassionate and VERY intelligent- a real healer... she practices functional medicine as well, giving you the tools to analyze your health in conjunction with acupuncture and eastern medicine."


"Sandy Lee, LAc, single-handedly improved my health like no other practitioner in my entire life (and I've seen a life-time of great alternative health practitioners). Her perceptive advice plus her acupuncture sessions improved the quality of my sleep, digestion, immune system, and ability to withstand cold temperatures (I've suffered from a life-time of always feeling cold, even in a winter such as LA's, that's incredibly mild).  She's reduced my stress (or rather, helped me cope with it in more constructive, healthful ways), and I can't thank her enough! "


"I have been getting acupuncture for a decade, at some of the best clinics in the US. Sandy knows her stuff. She moved my chi and got me balanced. She is honest and straightforward, and has a great bedside manner...I have seen Sandy twice, and am happy to now say that (after 5 years of searching) I have found my LA acupuncturist. She is smart, holistic in the best way, and a great needler: anyone who has had lots of acupuncture will know what I mean. She moves a lot of chi. A LOT..."


"...Working with Sandy in particular opened up a doorway to healing a long standing injury. Her intuitive care along with my NUCCA practitioner and my trainer were the solution I sought years for."


'"I went to see Sandy mostly for sinus headaches and allergy symptoms, and it's been pretty amazing to me that she's been able to reduce my symptoms very significantly! She is super nice, down-to-earth, and extremely knowledgeable about the whole system of acupuncture."


"Sandy Lee is by far the best acupuncturist I've seen. Her skills are truly outstanding on many levels: clinically, medically, and intuitively.

I have a difficult, old injury, and Sandy has helped me tremendously with it. For over 25 years, I've been walking around with a bum knee. No anterior cruciate ligament any more, and only a partial medial meniscus. I was OK until a few months ago, when I strained it again. Pretty bad scene. The tissues that I'm missing in my knee basically support it and hold it together. Now, with the new strain, my knee literally became misaligned, misshapen, and weak. The pain and swelling were pretty serious, and I was becoming scared that I wouldn't be able to work.

Sandy has been treating it for a short while, and I've already seen dramatic improvement. The massive swelling is gone, and most remarkably, she's been able to traction it, get it back in alignment, and is in the process of remodeling the bones! She's also strengthening the soft tissues surrounding my knee, and clearing out some old, stagnant energy of accumulated trauma there. Wow. I won't need expensive, hectic orthopedic interventions, physical therapy, pain meds or surgery! With each treatment, I feel my knee getting stronger and more stable. Things in there are moving and changing. It feels like my knee's troubles, with these treatments, are sorting themselves out. It's pretty great. Also, my mental/emotional state around it has much improved. 
I can now work without pain or fear of re-injuring it, and I can surf! 

Thank you, Sandy!" 


"I had my first appointment with Sandy and she did a great job of educating me on what was going on with my system. I had a very bad breakout /rash on my eyes and mouth and the treatment made a big difference. " 


"Sandy's method of acupuncture is well in alignment with the ancient art of Eastern medicine and Feng Shui. Beyond her deep understanding and connection to Chi, she is simply very compassionate in working with you to find what imbalances one is experiencing in order to highlight the specific practices that have worked for centuries. In fact, that is the best part about visiting Sandy, rather than a doctor-patient relationship, she bonds more as an intimate friend who genuinely cares and it's real." 





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