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Welcome to Source Acupuncture & Wellness! 


​​We offer Integrative medical services combining Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional support, and Functional Medicine. These modalities are judiciously used to transform your level of health and to support your healthcare goals, naturally.




*Please have a light, healthy meal about one hour prior to your appointment. Acupuncture stimulates your qi (bodily energy), so it is recommended to not come in with an empty stomach so that you will feel your best during your appointment.


*Take care to have good personal hygiene so that you will be at your most comfortable.


*Wear very loose, comfortable clothing, or bring minimal clothing with you to change in to.


*Bring a list of all medications and supplements that you are taking.


*Drink plenty of pure, tepid water after your treatment and subsequent day. Acupuncture can be detoxifying in nature.


*Refrain from vigorous exercise before or after your treatment.








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